Tools and Accessories

Type Description Image Price ($CDN)
Angled-Scissors Double bent Italian scissors IMG_4364 $35.00
Singer double bent duck-billed scissors IMG_5136 $40.00
6″ Gingher double bent scissors IMG_5135 $40.00
4″ Gingher double bent curved blade scissors IMG_5137 $35.00
6″ Mundial double bent scissors IMG_5138 $35.00
T-Pins 2″ straight pins large $2.25 for 20 pins
Red-dot This fabric is suitable for tracing patterns, then transferring to the backing IMG_5150 $3.00/yd
Twill Tape 100% cotton twill tape (black or natural)

  • 32 mm
  • 38mm
  • 51mm
IMG_4361 $.60-.75/yd
Cotton Cording 100% cotton cord #40, #60, #80 IMG_4368 $.50/yd.
Fray Check 22.5 ml bottle IMG_5164 $4.00
Sulky Transfer Pen Permanent transfer of designs on fabric using hot iron IMG_5160 $5.50
Magnet clip Clip onto frame to hold scissors, two magnets IMG_5195 $5.00 each
Gripper Strip Made in USA, 39″ length large $60.00
Rag Rugger Made in England. Used to create “poke” rugs or rag-a jacks large $35.00
Hooks Handmade from a variety of exotic and local wood IMG_5148 $10.00 – $15.00 each
Hooks American Style Hook IMG_5181 $20.00 each
Irish Hooks Variety of straight and bent hooks, brass shanks 3mm – 8mm IMG_5134 $28.50 (straight)$29.50 (bent)
Crafter’s Glove Creative Comfort crafter glove IMG_5161 $22.00
Crafter’s Glove Creative Comfort reversible (L-R) crafter glove with Ergo Beads IMG_5163 $21.00
Labels Large and small sizes available, attach to the back of any rug IMG_4374 $1.00 – $1.25 each
Felting Needle Tool Holds 6 needles IMG_5158 $24.95
Cutter Feet Bliss rubber replacement feet (set of 4) IMG_5156 $12.00
Darning Needle Clover Jumbo darning needle set IMG_5154 $6.50
Tailor’s Awl Clover Tailor’s Awl used for lifting/adjusting loops IMG_5152 $8.00
Locker Hook Fine (2mm) needle used for creative stitches (e.g. tunneling) IMG_4369 $8.00
Locker Hook  6½” aluminium needle for creative stitches IMG_4372 $6.75
Umbrella Swift  Wood swift, maximum 72″ skein IMG_5180 $88.00
Wool Winder  Plastic ball winder by Royal IMG_5179 $66.00
Design Reducing Lens  Used for viewing your rug from a distance IMG_5159 $10.00